We offer a number of ways you can get support. is an open source project, depending on the free time of a handful of people, so we lean on GitHub to support of the work, but we still recognize that LinkedIn is still a viable social network. However, most of the ongoing work and conversations around this project will occur via the discussions forum.


You can stay aware of the latest updates about using our LinkedIn page, using the business social network as our primary way of engaging with the community via the platform.


All of is managed using GitHub, with the repositories behind each of the APIs, as well as the static websites, developer portal, and administrative sites all running via GitHub.


All discussions around building and evolving the search engine, as well as the creation of individual APIs.json files for specific APIs are conducted via GitHub discussions.


If you have any questions, find the channel that works for your and make yourself heard. I’d make sure you explore the discussions first, but don’t hesitate to start a new discussion, leave an issue on one of the projects. We are just getting started with this project and want to hear from the community before we invest in any new work, so share your thoughts.